Hager 16 Amp Miniature Circuit Breaker MCB C Curve 1 Pole 10kA

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Interrupt Rating 10 kA
Tightening Torque 2.8 N/m
Height 83 mm
Curve Characterstic C
Environmental Conditions                           

20000 Cycles of Mechanical, 4000

Cycles of Electrical Durability

Connection 25 sq-mm Rigid Cable, 16 sq-mm Flixible Cable
Standards and Approvals

IEC 60898-1, 60947-2 and

AS/NZS 60898

Frequency Rating 50/60 Hz
Temperature Rating -25 to 60 deg C
Length 68 mm
Voltage 230/400 VAC
Item Name Miniature Circuit Breaker
Number of Poles 1
Rated Insulation Voltage 500 V
Trip Range 5 - 10 x In
EAN/UPC 3250614807046
Width 17.5 mm
Brand Name Hager
Current 25 A

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